We're using SSMS all wrong?

Are we using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) all wrong? Do you ever have a case where an application developer comes up to you and say »

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The only "cure"

We (my wife, Wendy; my son, Wil; and I) all had an interesting journey within the past month going through the process of getting our son »

Getting WCAT to run using IIS7

Use it for Load Testing and Checking for Errors before deploy Microsoft had WCAT (Web Capacity Analysis Tool) available to the public when IIS was in »

Updated ghost over Azure

Just had an UNeventful time updating ghost blog over my Windows Azure instance. Note: Kudu on Azure is just delicious. It was scary a bit because »

Living with PSC

My oldest son, Wil, has an interesting journey with his assorted health problems. It first came up when he was about 3 1/2 complaining of »

Hello?! Traffic lost!

Happy Earth Day! After seeing this article about ranking of cities with traffic congestion, it makes me wonder why isn't there an accompanying article about ways »

Sex, Finance, and Email

As you may know, sex sells, so I have my blog title with the word "sex" in it. Just kidding. I wanted to talk about what »