Hello?! Traffic lost!

Happy Earth Day!

After seeing this article about ranking of cities with traffic congestion, it makes me wonder why isn't there an accompanying article about ways those cities are doing to ease congestion.

image of traffic snarl

Anyway, my point is that we're dwelling on the negative aspects of traffic and how horrible it is and not infusing logic or creativity on ways we're easing congestion. Why not write that article, and then next to it have colorful maps of trains, parking, bike trails and so on? I'd think that'd be an awesome piece that would get clipped and put in our pockets.

As an example, here in Denver Metro, we have an extensive network of bicycle trails and a good amount of the streets in the city has dedicated bicycle paths. There is a light rail program called FASTracks that is designed to agreessively expand the commuter rail network (and of course it cannot be built out quick enough!). I would think these items would be mentioned in a local version of this article.

people biking down the street waiting at a stoplight

This is way prettier than that traffic image above

It takes a village to diversify our commutes. :-)