The Paleo Lifestyle

Had lost 15 pounds in 1 month(!) Double-chin gone. The kiddos loves veggies. As a family, we're pretty much eating only vegetables, organicially or responsbility -raised »

New blog

Inspired by a few promient bloggers, I've decided to move my blog to using ghost hosted by Windows Azure. It was easy to get going. I'm »

Surface Pro review

My son stuck in the Surface ProIt's been 2 weeks now since I got the Surface Pro in the mail. Packaging was nice, pulling tapes that »

A CreateRiaClientFilesTask gotcha

Got a Silverlight project that builds fine on my computer, however, on a co-worker's kept failing with CreateRiaClientFilesTask cannot load asssembly or what-not. The gotcha -- »

Deploying WCF RIA Services Redux

Installed Visual Studio 2010 SP1, Silverlight WCF RIA Services v1.0 SP1, but when I deployed it on the server, was getting the following error:Operation »

Want a great looking XML editor?

Use SQL Server Management Studio 2008!  That tool has an awesome XSL generator and has a button to nicely reformat mangled XML with indents and all. »

Satellite tugs

From But there is a downside to Dawn's swing past Mars. Just as the probe nabbed a speed boost »