Wild idea to help the economy.

Let's take a company as an example: Bank of America.  They just went on an acquisition binge buying troubled outfits Countrywide Financial and Merrill Lynch.  BoA »

Beautiful clouds

Driving on my way to work on C-470 north, I came across these gorgeous set of clouds! [Looking northwest towards the foothills.] If the picture is »

iTableTop launched!

While this Windows-based release is for gamers such as card-related D&D-like and MMORPGs, it still has a place in the corporate world.  The iTableTop team »

Do you see what I see?

Obama-Biden... Osama-Biden... Osama Bi Den... Osama Bin Laden... isn't that a kick?!?Hey, I ain't dissing anyone here, but kinda odd how things turns out. Will »