Sex, Finance, and Email

As you may know, sex sells, so I have my blog title with the word "sex" in it. Just kidding. I wanted to talk about what Google is doing and how we need to be careful. Of course this post could potentially get me committed but it's just a perspective. I'll still continue to use GMail, occiassionally check out G+ posts, use Hangouts, Calendar, and Google Reader (uh wait, never mind).

Anyway, remember the recent uproar where users are automatically opted in sharing and where you'd be allowed to email G+ users, not even in your address book. It is with much surprise that the uproar had quickly died out, but I guess we're all starting to accept what comes our way, especially when it's free, same as Facebook chaging their privacy policies every month, our ISPs taking over our search queries. Initial uproar to a quiet acceptance.

Anyway, why the sex, finance, and email?

Arguably, sex is our most private thing. We don't tell people how often we have sex, or even if we have sex, or even if you're a sex addict. And then turning the tables, I don't even want to know you have sex or have had sex. Or perhaps with who. None of my birds-and bees-ness. So that's one thing.

image of bee

Do you like saying how much you earn even to your co-workers, or even your best friends? May I see your financial statements? No? There ya go. Maybe you can say you got a raise or the pay sucks compared to your prior jobs, but that's pretty much the extent of it. I don't want to know what you earn either. I have other things to worry about. We can conclude that finance, too, is a private as heck thing.

By now you've probably guessed it, email is a VERY private thing too. Email accounts are being hacked up the wazoo these days and like sex and our finances, we are, and should be, viligant about protecting our inboxes after all a lot of that finances and sex thing goes on in there.

If you came here looking for advice: I'm the worst person to be telling you about sex; save money and avoid interest; and as for email, I can tell you to please please use two-factor authentication:

Look for two-step verification settings at:

To:; Subject: Tonight; "Hi hon, want to do it tonight on top of a large wad of cash?"