Watching sports: An internal debate

Is watching sports and following your favorite teams or the league a good thing? Some folks always tells me that I'm supporting their million-dollar lifestyle by watching it.


Am I? I don't go out and subscribe to ESPN or buy sports-related memorablia or shirts and so on. By NOT doing that, am I still enabling the lifestyle?

I understand the athletes are actors in a way being in the public eye. I'll bet you some of the athletes would just like to drop it and enjoy a quiet lifestyle, however the allure of the dollar signs are too great to ignore for themselves and for their loved ones. I know I would be tempted to use my great talent to play just for the money.

From another perspective, I wonder if I should envy those who don't enjoy watching sports; one less thing to worry about. Too bad, I enjoy following "my" teams, pouring over statistics, reading articles and joining in on the thrill of winning championships.

Some say it is because we enjoy seeing accomplishments, people succeeding, the draw of sudden death wins, the bottom of the 9th-inning 2 runs down kind of situations. Addicting!

Time for an intervention?